20090 Rodano (MI) - Italy
frazione Millepini
Via Ambrosoli, 8/C - D
Tel. 02 9595721
Fax 02 95327170
E-mail: info@fullcargo.it

Direct shipments from / to any destination / origin

Air Freight

  1. Regular consolidations to / from the main overseas markets with its own service palletizing goods
  2. Service of "door to door"
  3. Service hanging garments
  4. Shipping "projects" of all types
  5. Coordinating shipments to and from all over the world through daily contacts with customers
  6. Personalized services to measure customer
  7. Use of the latest types of media

Technical information

Below you can find all the specifications of pallets with various models, weights and measures.

Pallet dimensions:
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